Meet Teddy! Our Newest Furry Friend at the Clinic

posted: by: Sanya Bandekar Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Teddy’s Journey

Sir Theodore Teddy Bandekar, (also known as Teddy or Theo), is Dr. Bandekar’s puppy, and newest member of New Britain Veterinary Clinic’s Family. Teddy is a seven month old Maltipoo, (maltese and poodle mix), and was a rescue puppy at two months old, from Logan’s Heroes Animal Rescue, based in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. 

When he first came into the clinic, we learned that he was a breeder surrender, from Lancaster, due to a grade four heart murmur. Because of this, he was not “sellable” on a breeder website, and was saved by LHAR. Chris, founder and manager, arrived at the place, where the breeder told them about his condition. Puppies like these, that were poodle mixes and were surrendered to a shelter, came rarely, because many times, breeders are willing to put down these innocent animals, due to involuntary defects that won’t profit them. They also sell quickly on rescue websites, because many families want to rescue a pet while also making sure they will fit easily into their home, as the maltipoo breed does with many. 

Chris took Teddy in, and gave him to Jess, our groomer here at NBVC, and a trusting foster family for LHAR. Teddy frequently came in for checkups and vaccines, however each time he did, Dr. Bandekar felt a loving, special connection to him like no other rescue she had met. 

She said, “I always picked him up and held him, whenever I could. I walked around the clinic with him. I have seen many adorable puppies for adoption in my years of practicing, but he was love at first sight.” Even Jenny, head veterinary nurse and practice manager, encouraged her to take him home and foster him, and Dr. B. gave in. And so it was, Dr. Bandekar was convinced that this was only fostering, and that she couldn’t possibly keep him-- but that wasn’t the case. Because Teddy truly did fit perfectly into their home, and days of fostering turned into weeks, so the Bandekars applied and adopted Sir Theodore Teddy Bandekar into their family. “He was the perfect fit,” Raina, Dr. B’s daughter said, “he was cuddly, but also playful, and just wanted to be loved. Not to mention having a veterinarian in the house at all times.” While fitting in at home, he also fit in at the clinic, and everyone knew him as a “therapist”, a furry ball of joy that kept company and wandered around, occasionally getting hugs and kisses throughout the day.  

His heart murmur didn’t affect him from being the crazy and energetic dog that he is, and actually got better overtime. Some of his favorite activities are playing with his toys, running around the yard, playing fetch, and of course giving hugs and kisses.

“A year ago, we never would have expected this to happen,” Dr. Bandekar said, “but some things that come unexpectedly are the best ones, and definitely the highlight of our year.” 

Teddy comes to the clinic everyday, and loves meeting new people and dogs. You can always ask to meet him, and he would love to meet you!